Unlucky Team

What is it?

The Affiliate/Athlete role would include you getting your own discount code to share with your friends, family and followers. This works best for those who are active on Instagram/Tiktok vs Facebook as it’s hard to track Facebook posts.


How does it work?

Share your code. People use the code. You make a commision.

Every 10 uses of the code will get you $10 store credit. 

You can not use your own discount code for your own orders

What else can you do?

You can promote the brand on your social media for your friends and family to use and promote it to your story/feed at least once a week. Promotion can be sharing one of my posts on your story, it can be making your own posts or stories too. 

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for this role, you need to:
-           Be positive about the brand ( if you have a bad experience come to me first; being a small business, I have had no issues rectifying any problems as of yet)
-           Be an active promoter whether this be in person or online.

 -    Promote the brand every time you receive an order or at minimum once a month, if possible!

-     Share your promotion code! Don't be fooled, the more girls that have codes doesn't take away from your rewards.

This a new program for me, so there may be some tweaks, I will be lenient in the first few weeks.