Do you find your leggings fall down from the waist? But you can't size down because you have bigger hips/thighs? 

This service is exactly what you were looking for to help your leggings stay in place for longer!  

This is a complete custom waistband
After days of back and forth with my supplier, they confirmed if I'd like a strip of elastic to sinch the waist, it was going to cost me $10 extra per pair!! And it would need to be put in every single pair, I couldn't pick and choose each one. From the supplier this elastic would also NOT be removable, so if you have a slightly bigger belly and it was uncomfortable, then tough titties. 

I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands, literally.

This is a new service I'm offering, don't waste your workout pulling up your leggings over and over. I know I've definitely done the "run run run pull up run run pull up" IT'S EXHAUSTING.

This process would involve me cutting a small hole inside the pocket of the leggings (small and unnoticeable) and threading a piece of PREMIUM elastic through your waistband.

I did have thoughts about whether to knot this or sew; however I have decided to knot as that way you can undo the knot if you believe they may need to be looser and then you can reknot!

In this video, I show my entire process.

Step one: Measure my Elastic. This elastic will be measured a few cm bigger than the waistband of the leggings you are ordering. This gives me space to knot and space for you to make bigger or smaller as you need.

Step two: Cutting the tiny 5mm hole; in a non-pocket pair of leggings I will make this hole inside the waist band in an inconspicuous location. For waist pocket leggings it'll be inside the pocket towards the top to stop small things falling in. (In this video the hole is much bigger for filming purposes)

Step three: Threading the elastic through. Where it's important that I don't lose the outside end of the elastic. This elastic will also be 10mm, in the video its 14mm for again filming purposes. 

Step four: Coming through the other side I pin both elastic ends to the material and shuffle the band through. I tie my knot and I'm done.

Step five: It's on you now! When you get your leggings, I will pin the knot to the waistband so you don't lose it when you try them on or else you can hold it in place with your thumb as shown. Its very important that you don't lose that knot just yet in case you need to alter it! 

Step six: Can you pee? This sounds funny but it's very important. I do this customisation to all of my leggings as I have a smaller waist to my hips. I made the mistake multiple times at the beginning where I pulled the elastic too tight around my waist, knotted it, and could no longer get them down to pee or even remove them from my body!! This is something you need to be aware of if you do decide to knot them tighter than I have done for you. 

Step seven: Now you have your leggings on how you want them, you can remove the pin and push the knot into the hole. This is another reason I leave the gap open so you can adjust it! Also, if you get your leggings in and the waistband is too tight, then pull the elastic out and cut it making sure it's away from the material as not to cut the material. This process sinches the waist in by 3-5cm. The price I charge for this is just to cover the cost of the elastic I use as its premium quality. I have been using this elastic for over a year now, and I have only had to replace a broken elastic ONCE after a drunk night ocean swim fully dressed. The salt broke down the elastic after 9 months of daily use. 

I hope I can help your apparel stay up at the same time as educate you on drunk ocean swimming!

  Stay Safe,
        Aimee x