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The Willy that walked so the Wrangler could run

"I bought a Jeep" - Borta Collection

Camouflage Print and Jeep Wranglers so different yet so similar both often referred to as anachronistic meaning it looks like it belongs to an earlier time period or seemingly outdated.
Leggings Key Features Basic
- Wide waist band
- Wider waist band for larger sizes
- Slight angle to waist band seams allowing for better contouring
- Multiple leg seams (non constricting)
- Extra high waist
- Deep, wide pockets 
- Pattern to help conceal any skin textures
- Compressing fabric with ultimate stretch.
- Lower waistband height to start the waist band lower for those who have had babies etc.
- If the right size is bought then these are very much anti slip down. 
- BORTA BLUE DOES NEED NUDE UNDERWEAR OR ANY GSTRING AS THE LEGGINGS HAVE A WHITE BASE. They are NOT double lined, however both models have thigh tattoos and neither are seen unless fabric is max stretched. 
Both models are wearing g-strings and have included squatting pictures.
Legging Key Features Extended
- Camouflage and Wranglers both reintroduced themselves 1940s whilst on a popularity decline until 1980s where they both exploded and became well known/used.
- (1987) Angled Grill and Wider track which only got wider as the generations went on: Angled waist band seams front and back, wide waist band for the XS-Large and even wider in XL- 4XL.
- Jeep 7 Slot grill: The Camouflage in this collection has 7 colours throughout the camouflage, the blue has 4 blue variants and the black has 3 charcoal variants collectively making up 7 colours.  
-The Males shirt also comes in an 8th colour which is an Olive that was the original Willys colour in WW2.
-All modern Jeeps now come with a push start button instead of a key this also inspired me to do a risen/3d silicone style logo to match up the two touch sensory similarities.
-Across the 4 most popular Jeeps; Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and the Compass, the Wrangler (2,050L) comes out on top with most cargo space topping the Cherokee by over 500L! : So If I didn’t offer the deepest pockets in Unlucky leggings so far I’d be missing a big opportunity
-After WW2 the original barebones Jeep had some comfort modifications to suit the CJ (Civilian Jeep) for everyday use within the general public: This is where I decided to change from a seamless waistband to add a thin elastic waistband to better the functionality and this also helps the pair be less susceptible to rolling/folding over which funnily enough is one of Jeeps major faults, most wranglers can death roll at high speeds whilst turning due to the elevated centre of gravity.  
- Which leads to the roll bar/cage that comes standard on most Wranglers after 1969 this is for safety and protection of those in the back seats whilst the panels are off. This is normally multiple pieces welded together rather than one bar heated and bent: Instead of doing a standard racer back on this sports bra which would make it all one piece, I decided to do two thicker straps with no elastic or outer seams to prevent digging in and one wide bandeau to help keep everything in the back secure.
- Sealed beam headlights needed to be circle due to the functionality of the parabolic reflectors focusing energy into a single point/beam: I really wish I could’ve made the sports bras into a rounded shape to reflect the renown circle headlights however through multiple samples the shape almost seemed humorous on a human body. I have done the closest thing with a rounded triangle cup shape, I definitely also can confirm that whilst wearing this V-neck sports bra anyone in eyesight of you will be focusing their visual energy into a single point on your chest haha.
Further Toilet Reading Material

The Jeep Wrangler (Prev. Willy’s MB Quad) originally owned by Willys-Overland Motor Company was redesigned in 1941 as a vehicle for WW2, they needed something light and easy on fuel, this is where the classic Jeep as we know today began. (Acknowledging the rough design has been floating around since 1920 first founded by Willys-Overland Motor Company (WOMC), second largest vehicle manufacturer in the world at the time, second to Ford).

Surprisingly camouflage also made its debut with the US Army in 1940s, but not as clothing, it was used to hide equipment, weapons and locations. Debatably one of the most revolutionary war related inventions in the last century.

The Jeep was designed purposefully for basic tasks like being a runner, quad and a tractor. The design was basic but well known - square slotted grill, more often than not only the one seat being the drivers and sealed beam headlights which needed to be round due to the functionality of the parabolic reflectors focusing energy into a single point/beam.

The army needed something general purpose – This how the ‘Willy’s MB Quad’ with some changes to suspension and weight became ‘General Purpose’ which became ‘GP’ which became ‘Jeep!’.

“The all-purpose MB was amazingly versatile. They were also widely modified for long range desert patrol, snow plowing, telephone cable laying, saw milling, as fire-fighting pumpers, field ambulances, tractors and, with suitable wheels, would even run on railway tracks.” – Citation Jeep Website.

Amazing versatile is exactly how I wanted this collection to be seen. The leggings having the 360 degree supportive waist band, extra wide and angled down in the middle to work with the natural curvature of a bigger belly thus working with gravity not against it.  More on the Gastroenterology science behind this design SOON. If this seam was rounded or straight it would only help to draw attention by either cupping under and creating some what of a belly shelf OR cutting straight through the middle across the belly button possibly causing irritation or cramping.

In 1945 after the demise of WW2, the original bare bones Jeep was a surplus to the needs of the US Army, WOMC decided to try to market it to the general public in hopes it may help farmers as a work horse of sorts. This is where the MB had some general upgrades done, now heavy duty suspension/shock absorbers and softer seating to make it the CJ – Civilian Jeep - a more comfortable option.  The CJ ran its slowly depreciating course until the 1980s where it was sold to Georges Beese owner of Renault, which in turn singlehandedly became the reason that Renault made no profit for years this lead to the owner Beese being gunned down in 1986.  

Although Vogue picked up camouflage in 1943, using it for numerous fashion shows, camo never really picked up until the US Army started using it as an official uniform in the 1980s. The abstract material exploded onto market which was thought of as a way for the public to show support to the troops and show pride for their country.   

Back to Jeep: During this time (1940’s) the US government couldn’t keep up with the demand with different replacement headlights so they made a law that stated all manufacturers had to go back to using 7” round headlights to stop the supply chaos. Jeep has continued using these circle headlights (except for a weird 10 year period when they tried using square in the YJ variant???) as a recognisable feature for the brand as well as the notorious 7 slot grill that all Jeep Wranglers had from 1940. (This was only because Ford trademarked the 9 slot grill on the original Willy’s MB, this 7 slot grill was completely done through spite as it was different enough to not be illegal but similar enough to piss off Ford at the time)

It’s odd to think that the use of camouflage in combat was to help the wearer be invisible with dark earthy colours to hide in forests, mud, oceans and snow but throughout the last few decades it has become a way to stand out or draw attention. Most modern day camouflage patterns are vibrant with uses of neon or pastel colours.  


This pair is perfect if you need extra tummy support, without giving away my design features, my waist band will you give you a different 360 degree support depending on which size you buy. 

Scientifically those who have had babies, those who have loose skin, and those of a larger size need extra tummy support than those who have not gone through pregnancy, those at a average body weight or those younger. 

Sizes XS/8-10, - L/16/18 has a different level of support AND waist band height than sizes XL/18-20-4XL/26-28.


TAY Size 10/12 WAIST, HOURGLASS: SIZE SMALL BLACK (preferred) AND MEDIUM BLUE (to show the difference).



 I have not added any cm of the items as they will not be useful to you as this collection is an ultra stretch fabric. These items have max stretch. Most of my models have sized down from Skiline/Impraza. 

For smaller sizing confusion due to lack of models/testers in that size, I suggest using the rule out method. If you are bigger than Tay (small) but smaller than me (large) then you may be in the middle at a medium. It's best to use these reference pics vs the size chart. 


Size / Shape Apple/Square ( Skinny legs, Bigger belly) Pear/Hourglass (Smaller waist, Bigger thighs hips)
HIGH WAIST LARGE 18/20 16/18
ULTRA HIGH W 2XLARGE 22/24 20/22
ULTRA HIGH W 3XLARGE 24/26 22/24
ULTRA HIGH W 4XLARGE 26/28 24/26

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Borta Blue! Staple piece!

Borta Blue Leggings so comfortable. The shape, support and waistline is superb! Definitely one of my staple Unlucky items! Slay Unlucky xoxo