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Subaru World Rally eXperimental (WRX) Impreza  

Subaru began production of the Imprezas in 1992 using a shortened version of a previous chassis/floor plan from a Legacy . Showcasing the boxer engine which works by pushing the pistons out instead of up, this along with the transmission creates a low center of gravity and less body roll.  They came out in a 4 door Sedan and a 5 door longer wagon. Very rarely 2 doors!

The Impraza leggings have a shortened waist height making them mid-high rise as well as an elastic waist band to stop the leggings from rolling down.  They are a 7/8-full length depending on the person height and fit.
The boxer engine design was chosen by Subaru for rallying because of vibration mitigation, using the theory that a balanced engine will give less movement as the piston opens as its counter weighted by the opposing side, eliminating the need for a harmonic balancer. 
The Impraza collection is lined with seams and panels to reduce the 'wobble' of bits and bobs whilst doing high intensity works outs. The divided panels add extra support as well as the high neck line Bra keeping everything in place where it should be. (removable cup pads too)
From 1992-2005 during the EJ series Subaru kept quite about how much cargo space and leg room their Imprezas actually had, with a not so generous 9 cubic feet in the boot and only 800mm rear leg room. Subaru now however boasts their incredible 12+ cubic feet cargo space and almost 1000mm rear leg room in their 2018+ models. 

Similary on my first sample of these I opted out of any pockets in fear in may pull and pinch the fabric however in the final design I settled for the extra Storage and added 3 pockets, 2 deep thigh pockets and one rear facing waist key pocket. 

This model won over all Car Of The Year over 20 years ago in 2000 however this Collection is anything but outdated. 


Teresa XS top and bottom
Kiarra M top and bottom
Shai L top and M bottoms 
Aimee XL top and Bottoms

Sizing is very similar to the Skiline just not as high waisted

DISCLAIMER!! There may be some stitch popping in the waist if you have a big butt or thighs when putting them on, THIS IS COMPLETELY OKAY, this noise is due to the internal elastic not being stretched whilst sewn in place. I chose to have the elastic sewn in place and not freely floating so it didn't fold and move.