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Is that a Supra?.... Well

Key Details: V3 LOW RIDER
  •  Apple body friendly!! 
  • Lower waist (designed for squarer/apple bodies perfect if you have skinnier legs and rely on the belly stretch. DO NOT BUY IF YOU'RE PEAR/HOURGLASS/BIGGER THIGHS-HIPS AND RELY ON STRETCH IN THE THIGHS/BUM AREA OF JOGGERS/TRACKIES)
  • Unisex (Men: can buy this if you have skinnier legs or are straight sized but again do NOT buy if you have bigger thighs and rely on the stretch in your thighs. Buy the V2 High Profile)
  • Fleece lined/extra warm
  • Limited/Low stretch fabric
  • Shorter waist band
  • Drawstring
  • Cuffed ankles
  • Deep zip pockets, not as deep as V2 (same cm but no stretch makes them seem smaller) but still the deepest 2 sets currently on the market
  • No tiny rear pockets
  • Thicker so hides cellulite/belly aprons better
  • Metal eyelets
  • Hourglass/pears/thick thighs-small waist shouldn't buy this. It will not be flattering
  • Full Length
  • 2 colours: Sommer Shadow (Rhys Sommer/ Black Supra pictured) and Werke White Marl (Pronounced: Verkay- Werke the W from BMW) 
  • Sizing: XS-3XL; (Pictures on bigger sizes added for peace of mind)
The A90 GR is arguably the most controversial Supra ever made, forgoing the standard A80 2jz engine whilst having the body work of what seems a Lexus and chassis of a BMW it still has revheads lining up for Toyota's latest toy. 

You could say the A90 has come alone way from the A70, did Toyota make a mistake handing the drivetrain over to BMW? Coming all the way from 3.0ltr Turbocharged Straight 6 to a drastic change of... 3.0ltr Turbocharged Straight 6... But it must have power right? Definitely! In 1993 the A80 set off with a substantial 240kw (avg), almost 30 years later Toyota has released the A90 with a whopping.. 250kw (avg) ... hmm 4% more power? 

The V2 Soopra joggers don't stray far from the shirts, lets say there is only 10kw different in the fabric. Shirts were 100% cotton, these jogger are 96% cotton and 4% elastane. The A90 does however have better comfort ratings for long drives, and what are your go to comfort pants? Soopra Joggers

The V3 Joggers however have taken a step back in time from the A80 in 1994 into 1986 with the A70 Supra which was a smaller and slimmer model. During this time the Japanese Government introduced dimension regulations for 2.0L+ vehicles which made it tricky for Toyota to fulfill their plans of having a 2.0L sports car whilst keeping the taxes down. Toyota found a way around this by slimming the vehicle down just enough that it came in under "midsize", this allowed their Japanese buyers to avoid yearly taxes as the loophole width never deemed it a "large vehicle".
The V3 Low Rider Joggers are a slimmer fit than the V2. I couldn't miss the opportunity to make these slightly cheaper than the V2 because in 1986 if Toyota can find a loop-hole to help their customers save money then so can I! 

Over all the Supra was originally styled off of a Celica, Toyota's sister car to the Supra, the Supra model being only wider and longer. The Unlucky V2 Joggers are wider and the V3 are longer. 

    Pictures at the end showcase the true colours in natural lighting and unedited.

    187cm: Rhys (Smaller male) is wearing Large in V2 and XL in V3 (due to lack of stretch) he is usually 38"
    173cm: Aimée ( Bigger Female) wearing Large in V2 and usually XL/18-20, can fit into the V3 3xl just very frumpy as she is an hourglass, she wouldn't wear/buy V3. 
    168cm: Kiarra (Smaller female) wearing a small in V2 and XS in V3 for this shoot; she prefers the fit of the Small in the V3. Usually 8/10
    195cm: Riley ( Bigger Male) is wearing 3xl in both normally 40-42"
     If you bought the previous joggers they are slightly tighter but myself and Rhys wear the same size in the V2 as we did in the last ones ( Black now V1) 😊 
    Both have extended drawstrings because a few of you being bigger had issues with losing the drawstring putting them on. If you're in the smaller sizes this draw string can be kind of silly looking if not tied. If it bothers you, then you can always tie a knot at either end and cut it shorter 😊

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    Isabelle Johnson
    So comfy

    The best joggers out there, I love them so much I bought 5 pairs just incase😅

    Lyn Mason
    Soopra Joggers V3

    So comfy, wear them all the time