What makes Unlucky so unique?

Unlucky apparel's concept is a world first, starting only in August 2020 by me, Aimee, in Adelaide.

Connecting the automotive world and the fitness world in a way it's never been done before. Each collection is based on a certain car or engine, the items in the collection reflect features of the car through in-depth research and development.

Further explanation can be found here.  https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSetXUeuq/ 

The Activewear designed through automotive engineering.

What makes it different from other automotive apparel?
Not to be mistaken with other automotive brands which add to automotive pictures to polyester/cotton leggings. Unlucky puts high quality first, and then links each collection to the specific car etc. Through my research I have found other brands are using materials and printing techniques not designed for fitness or comfort. More so just looks. 
Car people can finally have car related activewear that's high quality and fitness people can have activewear that's actually been designed with a real human body in mind. Targeting two demographics with one concept.

Restock Information and What's coming next?

I restock once a fortnight, usually on a wednesday night, which gives me time to pack each item and customise each order to the customers needs. Every restock I sell out in minutes. The unit numbers have been skyrocketing and sell out still happens, this is due to the influx of customers. 

How long does shipping/packing take?

On a launch night packing can take anywhere from 5-10 business days, the sooner you get an order in the sooner you can get your order packed. Express shipping does NOT mean express packing. I pack alone, I pack up to 9 hours day, 7 days a week with often over 300 orders. Each order gets a personalised thank you note addressed to you, and each item in the order is quality tested, checked over, measured and finally refolded. All of my orders are packed with caution and care rather than just chucked into a bag. 
Shipping through Australia Post, can take 1-3 days for express and 5-10 days for standard. 
On non launch weeks orders are usually packed within 1-4 business days.

How did Unlucky start?

Accidentally... 100% a pure accident. In march 2020 I had a big drop in my financial income, I couldn't afford to be spend upwards of $90 on leggings for big name brands. I knew exactly what I wanted, composition and shape. I spent 2 months searching through suppliers to see who could make me something I wanted for half the price. I ended up getting a sample made, it came in and... it didn't fit. The quality was amazing, just the fit was off for me. I listed it on the Facebook marketplace in hopes to at least make my money back.
They sold quickly and I received a message a day later telling me how much she loved them and if I had any others for sale, the rest is history now.