Expanded Rigged Info
  • (Some) Jimny or Wrangler owners felt the need to over compensate saying things like “ I know its looks small but.., you probably think it’s not that good but..” If I didn’t think these cars were worthy, then I wouldn’t have included them. It was so important for me to add these cars, they are often forgotten and shut out of the 4WD community for the preloaded reasons you yourselves have said. I think you should just say what you like about them without the ‘but’. || Big arm holes and sleeves, to overcompensate. Extra length on the sleeves to cover any upper arm insecurities
  • (Some) Land cruiser owners have the mentality of iphone users “they are just better… look at them why wouldn’t you… I towed 3 xyz out of the mud..” . Theirs necks must be so sore. || Big head hole, slightly lower neckline than the original Borta shirt.
  • (Some) BT50 and Hilux owners they are there to go to work, they have their cars because work gave them their cars, they have their car because its practical and gets the job done. || I wanted these to be practical, they come in grey and black. No light, easy to stain colours. They get the job done.
  • (Some) Patrol owners first thing they say is “it can go anywhere, it’s the type of 4wd with little to no modifications its ready to go four wheel driving”. They said if they ever have an issue with it, it never prevented it from being driveable. It’s a great platform with many modification options, it gets better overtime with every modification. || 95% cotton and %5 elastane. Wash and wear fabric, its rough when you first get it but it gets better over time. The fabric softens with wearing/washing, giving it the best longevity.
  • (Some) Prado owners buy this car as a family car, even the 7-seat option allows for plenty of space. Being newer made models, the cars are great on fuel even with the whole family. Between a ford and another Toyota, this car doesn’t have a lot of rivals, it’s one of the best at being comfortable and big. || Space, baggy-ness and oversized. I worked on several of these samples trying to create the perfect oversized shirt without having the shoulder seams hang down the arms. This shirt ticks the boxes for space, baggy-ness and oversized YET reliable with the fit.