IEON Long Line Tank

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"The i30n is neatly styled, modern, well equipped, comfortable and practical."
"The Ieon Collection is neat, comfortable and practical." 
- Unlucky 


These can be worn as dress for the ladies or a long line singlet for the men or vice versa no judgement from me!

Key Features IEON Long Line Singlet

  • Long line so it can worn as a dress but also Long so men can reach up and move around with out their bellies popping out. 
  • Large arm holes for those with bigger upper arms
  • Rounded hem
  • Light Weight Ultra Stretch Fabric

The I30n has been fitted with an 8 speed dual clutch - This collection is made up of 8 components; 1.Ladies True Over Sized Tee, 2.Ladies Singlet, 3.Men's tank, 4.Sports Bra, 5.Leggings and three colours taken from Hyundai's OEM colour options; 6.Engine Red, 7.Performance Blue and 8.Phantom Black. 

 The front bumper incorporates large air vents to cool the engine and the brakes - These vents were drawn into a unique decal and applied to the tees and Men's tanks

An optional extra in the I30n is the light weight bucket seat with red stitching - I have opted to use red stitching throughout this collection. 

The electronically controlled suspension allows for extraordinary control of the vehicle without sacrificing comfort for driving on a daily basis -  The ultra light weight 4 way stretch fabric allows this to be worn on every occasion without sacrificing comfort.

Engine red is one of the OEM colours you will find on the I30s - This colour was high-lighted amongst the collection as an accent decal colour.

Eg. Rhys normally wear XLarge however in these he wears Large. Riley Normally wears 4XLarge in these he wears 3XLarge. 

Kiarra is wearing an XS. I'm Wearing a large. If we wanted to wear them as a dress we would size up 1-2 sizes.