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Flares for short girlies? Wait, Flares for the tall girlies? 

Flares that actually fit your height whether you're tall or short? 

Borta Custom Flares

The Willy that walked so the Wrangler could run

"I bought a Jeep" - Borta Collection

Camouflage Print and Jeep Wranglers so different yet so similar both often referred to as anachronistic meaning it looks like it belongs to an earlier time period or seemingly outdated. 
Flare Key Features Basic
- Can be cut to one of 10 lengths to be custom to you. 
- Wide waist band
- No front seam
- Angled front waist band
- V shaped rear seam
- Elastic waist seam to stop falling down 
- Deep, wide pockets 
- Compressing fabric with ultimate stretch.
- If the right size is bought then these are very much anti slip down. 

Preorder: These will begin shipping within 4 weeks from 8/9/23. This is a 75% stock, so if you miss out there will be extras once they arrive. 


Further models will be added to the website 16/9/23

 Waist: 90cm Hip: 140cm Height: 175cm Size: 20/22 bottoms Shape: Hourglass/Pear

How to cut:

Try them on, make sure the top half fits before cutting. 
Cut BELOW the stitch on the seam in single increments (can always cut more, but you can't reattach) 
The cut can be messy, it won't show on the body. 
Remember when cutting it may gather behind the knee so it may look shorter when worn properly. 

I will be adding a cut tutorial video as well here before I begin to ship.

 I have not added any cm of the items as they will not be useful to you as this collection is an ultra stretch fabric. These items have max stretch. 

Size / Shape Apple/Square ( Skinny legs, Bigger belly, straight size) Pear/Hourglass (Smaller waist, Bigger thighs/hips)
XSMALL 8/10  6/8
SMALL 10/12 8/10
MEDIUM 12/14 10/12
LARGE 16/18 14/16
XLARGE 18/20 16/18
2XLARGE 20/22 18/20
3XLARGE 22/24 20/22
4XLARGE 24/26 22/24
5XLARGE 26/28 24/26
6XLARGE 28/30 26/28

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