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Soopra Cropped Hoodies

Over sized but cinched never looked so good

Is that a Supra?.... Well 

The A90 GR is arguably the most controversial Supra ever made, forgoing the standard A80 2jz engine whilst having the body work of what seems a Lexus and chassis of a BMW it still has revheads lining up for Toyota's latest toy. 
You could say the A90 has come alone way from the A70, did Toyota make a mistake handing the drivetrain over to BMW? Coming all the way from 3.0ltr Turbocharged Straight 6 to a drastic change of... 3.0ltr Turbocharged Straight 6... But it must have power right? Definitely! In 1993 the A80 set off with a substantial 240kw (avg), almost 30 years later Toyota has released the A90 with a whopping.. 250kw (avg) ... hmm 4% more power? 
Okay Okay, enough car stuff, Featuring the same fabric as the Soopra Jogger V3

Designed for bigger busted women who constantly need to choose between having something well fitted to show off your curves and having something long enough to cover your girls. Not only is it long enough to cover them and roomy enough to hold them, the wide waist band will also stop your undergarments from showing when your reach your arms in the air. Gym, shopping, chasing your kids?? Soopra Cropped Hoodie can do it all. Might I also add, if you’re into yoga or spend your time upside down, this crop will also keep everything from flapping back in your face.

Oversized but cinched has never looked so good. This design works best for hourglass and pear shaped bodies however any shape and size can wear this item.

How can standard cropped hoodies look both too big and too small at the same time, boxy fits making you look 10 sizes bigger than you actually are whilst simultaneously allowing your under-boob to hang freely. Your clothing shouldn’t fit like a napkin tucked into your neckline. Picture this; you’re at the super market, you reach for your canned hotdogs on the top shelf only to see some pervert next to you checking out the bottom of your boob circumference in your Kmart bra. Tugging your hoodie back down over your bust, “it’s vintage, it’s not stained” you yell back at him as you speed walk off like Kath and Kel racing around Fountain Gate. But... it was stained, it’s the only one at fits you right now, the Cov!d break has turn your mangos into melons, forcing you to mirgate back to your maternity bras. *Insert Gasp*

On the bright side, the supermarket pervert will now only have your juicy booty to stare at whilst your reach for your canned delicatesses. The wide cinched waistband will hold everything up where it's mean to be, and the over sized chest allows for even the biggest of girls to fit comfortably together. As far as my knowledge extends I believe that even the size small will fit (6-10) G cups. My model, Kiarra, is a 12F and she has room to spare in the size small.

Honourable mention to the extra wide and extra long sleeves, being an almost 6ft giantess with bingo wings, thanks Mum, having the ability to bend my arms and not pop any seams sounded almost like a fantasy. Normally I’d have to choose between having flattering fit or having blood flow to my biceps, thankfully no more, these jackets and hoodies are fat arm approved. Even sizing down still gives generous room to the upper arm region. 

Over all the Supra was originally styled off of a Celica, Toyota's sister car to the Supra, the Supra model being only wider and longer. The Unlucky Sleeves are wider and longer than standard cropped hoodies/jackets. The wider fit of the chest allows for ladies with broad shoulders to buy and not worry about ripping out the back of it. The longer fit of the crop length allows room for bigger cup sizes. 

This fabric is a higher quality fabric than the Range Rover, this stuff is also cheaper and custom made. The Logos will also last longer on these than on the Range Rover. 

Bad Points

  • There is a few loose threads on the inside of the zippers/waistbands/seams, not necessarily from the stitching holding something, more so it's actually just threads on a bench caught up in the sewing process. This minor quality issue has been brought up to my supplier and actions have been made for the future. 
  • The waist band tightness, do not be fooled by how tight this waist band is. If you're super unsure then wait for others to get theirs and give feedback before you get yours. I fit the medium perfectly but if I wished to live in this hoodie for more than a few hours without kidney pain then I needed to size up to the large. The waist band sizing up has given me no pain issues, Thankfully the jumper still gives me amazing shape a size up due to the waist band being so form fitting. AFTER BEING GIVEN FEEDBACK, THIS WAISTBAND DOES LOOSEN UP OVER A FEW DAYS, AND BECOMES LESS CONSTRICTING. 

Key Features Cropped Hoodies

  • Wide waistband 
  • High quality fabric (lightly fleece lined)
  • Wider chest fit for all those with broad shoulders 
  • Over sized chest fit to house bigger cup sizes
  • Longer drawstrings with metal eyelets 
  • Longer sleeve length
  • Wider sleeve width
  • Wider cuff width
  • Abstracting feature colour use on zippers/logos/strings
  • Double lined hood
  • Longer crop length 
  • Small-4XLarge
  • 3 Colours: Werke White (BMW), Indicator Amber (orange) and Opal Teal ( Blue, Stock MK4 Supra Colour)

 Size Guide

Under Bra/Chest Measurements: This measurement is good to test with current hoodies, choose a hoodie that fits your chest well and measure armpit to armpit. Compare it to closest one of mine listed below. 

The waistband measurements are flat lay, this is NOT body cm references. This is laying the itme flat an measuring across. This measurement is unstretched and stretched to almost max stretch. Perfect amount of stretch is half way between them.  Eg. SIZE LARGE 34-54cm (waist 68cm - 108cm) Perfect waist size for this band would be 88cm (Max waist cm of 108cm) BUTTT My waist is 96cm and this size is great for me.  

Am I an Apple or a Pear? Finding your body shape is really easy! When buying jeans do you find the legs are baggy and the waist/tummy is tight? You may be an apple shape. If you find that jeans are always tight on the thighs/hips/booty but loose on the waist then you may be a pear shape. If you find both are same same then you may be a square/straight size and you fit closer to the apple sizes. If you find it's all too loose then you're in the wrong size haha. 

 Size/Body Shape

For Waist Band: Measurements

Apple / Square

For Waist Band Measurements: 

Hourglass / Pear 

 For Bra/Chest Sizing: Measurements (Armpit-Armpit) 

Waist Band Measurements: 

Waist Size Measurements: 


Size 8/10  Size 8/10  56cm A-H Cup  30cm 60cm-100cm


Size 10/12  Size 12/14  58cm A-H Cup 32cm 64cm-104cm

Size 12/14  Size 14/16  60cm A-H Cup 34cm 68cm-108cm


Size 14/16  Size 16/18  64cm A-H Cup 37cm 74cm-114cm

Size 18  Size 18/20  68cm A-H Cup 39.5cm 79cm-119cm

Size 20/22  Size 22  72cm A-H Cup 42cm 84cm-124cm

Size 22/24 A-F Cup
( Note: Pic of size 24/26D Apl included)
Size 24 74cm A-F Cup 45cm 90cm-130cm

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Love love love

Kimberly Bond

Everything Aimee does is absolutely fantastic 🫶🏼 love this jumper!

Soopra Cropped Hoodie!

Snatches me in at the perfect spot on my waist. So warm and comfortable. Winter staple. Slay Unlucky xoxo