Stag Leggings XS, 3XL-4XL

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Stag (Nissan Stagea)

( Sizing chart at the bottom, this entire collection was first designed over a year ago and took a very long time in production/shipping. These items run smaller than my Borta Collection)

Changes from the Skiline below as well as the features

  • Stag leggings have a higher front rise than the as the Skiline, depending on your torso length this extra height may allow the top cm to roll. My models had no issues however as my torso is short then the top cm folds on me.
  • The leg length has been extended for those who found the Skiline short in the ankles
  • This material is almost identical to the Skiline
  • Single strap bra
  • Elastic band under the bust instead of shelf bra
  • XL-4XL bra have a higher rise on the nonstrap side to help support
  • High stretch fabric
  • Angled rear seam
  • Small key pocket in the waistband
  • Wide waistband
  • No front seams
  • No elastic seam at the top of the waistband like the Borta

Stag Science

The thought process here was the Skiline needed to have some improvements in the length and waist height so I upgraded the collection to the longer version of the Nissan Skyline which is a Nissan Stagea Wagon.
Nissan Skylines are most identified by their round taillights inset into the rear plastic/glass housing. Once a boxy vehicle up until 1989 they have since adopted numerous curves through-out the body lines. – The rear upper glute seams have always been curved and they continue in this collection.
Transitioning from the coupe/sedan to a longer wagon was the perfect excuse to extend the leg length on these leggings.
Nissan Stagea didn’t have a long reign as it was only developed to be a direct competitor of the Subaru Legacy Wagon. First began production in 1997 and ending in 2007. The wagon was originally modelled on the R33 Skyline however now most compared the R34 Skyline.
R34 body is stiffer than the previous model, as an adjustment for the stiffer body I have added a solid elastic band in the bra under the bust instead of a shelf bra in the old Skiline bra. This bra had double (twin) straps which came from the twin turbo set up in the GTR, for this new collection I’ve decided to give an honourable mention to the single turbo RB20-25 from the mid tiers in the Skyline family with a single strap bra, the first of its kind within Unlucky designs.
The Stagea wagon is all round more luxurious and comfortable than the Skyline coupe so I had to make some changes to the leggings to make them more comfortable, one of those changes being the waist band was made wider with no elastic top seam, this means no digging in and more support higher up.  
The Skyline family was a basic sports car, mostly unrivalled on the track, they will always live their days of being one of the best sports cars in Japanese history. This collection is basic, there is no fancy support seams up the legs, no deep side pockets and basic seaming.


If you are still not sure on size, please use the Unlucky rule out method. Work out which size reference model you may be bigger/smaller/same size as. Eg. I'm bigger than Kiarra (S) but I'm smaller than Ruby (L), so I will probably be a medium 😊. 

Kiarra: Size 10 and 14F Bra, Straight/Apple (Dark brown Hair); Large Bra and Small Leggings.
Ruby: Size 12/14 and Bra size 14D/DD Straight/Apple (Light brown hair); Medium Bra and Large Leggings
Aimee: Size 18/20 with 18C Bra, Hourglass/Pear (Green Hair); Size XL bra and Size XL Legging.
This bra is suited for cup sizes up to E/F, you may be able to fit your F/G cups in but it may not be as comfortable.

Customer Reviews

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Very comfy, only downside is because they are very high waisted they tend to roll down

Tamara Childs

Love, Love, Love my leggings, so comfortable and fit nice, love the high waist!! Can't wait to get more



Lilli Defazio
Stag leggings are too good

They are comfy asf! AND DONT FALL DOWN!!!! Cannot stress how good unlucky leggings are as they don’t fall down. Worth every cent.


Fit perfect! And don’t fall down!!!!!! I always struggle w leggings falling down and all my unlucky leggings don’t! Also love the no front seam🙏🙏 no cameltoes here