Roadpacr Tinies Seamless Leggings

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Mazda Wankel Rotary Engine  X Holden HJ Premier/Kingswood Sedan Chassis

Changes from the Wenkle below as well as the features

  • Roadpacr Tinies Leggings match the original Wenkle Leggings
  • These fit better than the Skiline Tinies Leggings for those with slimmer frames, where as the Skiline was great for chunky kids. These are good for both due to their high stretch
  • Seamless
  • High stretch fabric
  • Waistband may fold when bending (completely dependent on torso length) but it shouldn’t slide/fall down.
  • Thick waistband
  • Contouring bands under booty/down hips
  • No front or back seams
  • No elastic seam at the top of the waistband

Roadpacr Science

The rotary engine begun first production and testing in the early 1950's. They are designed to be lighter and simpler than a standard piston engine. For this seamless set, I could not think of a better automotive comparison.  These engines are rare, the cars they are put in aren't common. Finally finding a supplier who would make these designs for me in bigger sizes was rare, it was my biggest accomplishment of 2020.
Wankel Engines have a higher power to weight ratio with a wider speed range. The leggings have incredible stretch within their size without going saggy.
Wankels are one of the most breathable engines and this seamless material feels light on the skin without feeling suffocating.
Wankel engines are designed with an almost oval shape exterior and a revolving triangle interior. The triangle contouring on the Roadpacr leggings will make your booty look round and your legs look toned. Overall the triangle shape contouring is the most flattering it can be with out being over done by seams and panels. The bra also has the triangle feature throughout.
The engine moves smoothly between intake, compression, power and exhaust. This has been reciprocated in this design with no seams for a smoother finish, however lower compression, with high stretch power for comfortable exertion without feeling weighted down.

More Science Below

Mazda Roadpacer 1975 -1977
Mazda wanted to experiment with bigger cars, General Motors (incl Holden) wanted to experience with rotary engines. Thus, the Mazda Roadpacr was born, however over the 2 year production life only 800 of these cars were ever sold because unfortunately they were a terrible car. They were heavy, the smaller 13B engine couldn’t cope with the extra chassis weight.
However this car did come with multiple little gadgets like a fridge in the trunk, stereo controls from front and back seats and central locking that engaged at 10km/h.
In 1975 these were big moves, Mazda thought they had found a winner however it seems like no one in Mazda’s  or GM’s head office even drove this car pre-production, if they did they would’ve seen how useless this car was without the straight inline 6cyl engine that would normally have no trouble powering said chassis.
Selling for $62000+ in todays money this car was too expensive and underpowered, it just couldn’t compete with other similar cars on the Japanese market at the time like the Toyota Century.
This collection won’t be following the same expensive path, in tribute to the Holden Kingswood/Premier I have produced this collection in 3 of the original Holden paint codes.
 Ash Grey (interior colour) 
As usual most children have sized down, I will endeavour to get a more size comparison pictures once these launch ❤️ 
Sizing on the bag will say Small, Medium etc this is because my supplier ran out of numbered bags. If you do not wish for your child to see a size like XXL on their bag please open the item before giving it to your child. The tags on the item are correct.

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My daughter now owns 5 pairs of these. She has 2 pairs in her current size and now another 3 sized up so they will last. Perfect for warmth and comfort for the little girls who like leggings, and for the mums who want to know their babies will still be warm. The quality is amazing too!


My daughter absolutely loves these and they are such great quality!


My daughter loves these and they’ve managed to last longer than any of her other leggings so that’s a huge bonus!