XSMALL AND SMALL Truenno hybrid Joggers

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Truenno Hybrid Joggers
(Toyota Trueno Levin ae/gt 86)

Pronouced: Too-ren-no 

Light, affordable and easily modified. Toyota created a once cheap 2 door coupe built for the racing circuit with a near 50/50 weight distribution. 

This collection is 50% one collection and 50% another collection 
The hybrid joggers are 50% Skiline and 50% Soopra 
The hybrid bras are 50% Impraza and 50% Skiline
The hybrid jackets 50% Silveea and 50% Impraza 

The names Trueno and Levin derive from the Spanish word Thunder and Middle English word lightning. 


Ae86's are front engine and rear wheel drive they were first introduced into the japanese racing circuit in 1983 in a coupe and liftback body, although somewhat favoured by drifters it wasn't until after they ceased production in 1987 that they became a collectors item due to a popular tv show called Intial D (1995).

The Joggers are made from a very similar fabric and same rear curved seam to the Skiline however it has the front pockets and no back pockets like the Soopra joggers. High waisted and full length like the Skiline but non compressive and cuffed like the Soopra. 


Ae86s were originally built with ventilated disc brakes and MacPherson strut suspension. A MacPherson strut uses a wishbone, or a substantial compression link stabilised by a secondary link, which extends upwards directly to a mounting point in the body shell of the vehicle. MacPherson struts are built with a significant structure support to improve the crash performance allowing it to take more hits to the front with less damage.

Bras have ventilation panel on the chest. They also have 2 secondary stabilisation straps which extends diagonally down mounting to the main body of the bra to help distribute the pressure and stress on the shoulders. The bras have an inbuilt 3 clasp hook feature on the back to improve the support during heavy impact activities.

These bras have the high neckline and thicker straps like the Impraza but the softer fabric and higher support like the Skiline.


The AE86 would go on to inspire the Gt86 (2012–present), a 2 door sports car jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru , manufactured by Subaru in Honshu, Gunma. The main feature of this car is the boxer engine which as we know, from the Impraza collection, creates a low centre of gravity allowing the car to be fast, light and agile. This new design even though 300kg heavier has made improvements in the positioning of the engine to create as close to a 50/50 ratio as possible with a modern car. Toyota opted for a coupe trunk design, with aluminum hood vs a 3 door hatchback to improve the driving dynamics, "The goal was to create an authentic rear-wheel drive sports car with compelling style, exceptionally balanced performance and flexible utility"-Toyota

The jackets are an upgrade of the Silveea Lux jacket with extra added features. From factory the car was both Subaru and Toyota, this jacket is inspired by similar things. Subaru Impraza (pocket leggings) fabric and colours, with a new design of the Toyota 86 2 door coupe likewise to the Nissan Silvia (Silveea) 2 door coupe. The new design has upgraded thumb holes, new hood feature, upgraded zippers and the fabric has 25-35% more stretch  (great for your chunky or not so chunky arms). Similarly to the car, the new jacket is overall heavier than the last but the fabric is lighter weight, this is due to the new hood adding a few extra grams to the final product. I have opted for the added hood and new fabric to created a well balanced and flexible jacket that moves with you compared to the Silveea that more so sits on you. 

3 colours:
Thunder Grey 
Macpherson Green
Lightning Lilac 

XS/8, S 10/12, M 12/14, L 14/16, XL 16/18